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Get in-shape with Sereggae Core Aerobics™ 
A great Jamaican based reggae exercise  dance program for all fitness level. 
Designed to define and sculpt your waistline through signature core conditioning moves
fused with low-to-high intensity aerobic dance. 
~ Created by Sereco Campbel1 ~

Join now and start Making Steps to Success!

  • Improve cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

  • Increase blood flow and oxidation during physical activity.
  • Tone, build muscle strength and muscular endurance
  • Improve overall body-composition
  • Reduce body fat & body mass index (BMI)
  • Improve physique with corrective technique.
  • Develop core strength, balance, integrated and functional training.
  • Improve flexibility, joint stability and coordination skills.
  • Pregnant or recently gave birth? Receive prenatal & postnatal care